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5G Technology: The Russian Propaganda

In 2018 Russia Today, a TV channel supported by Moscow started publishing shows and articles connected with the harmful effects on humans’ health without giving any scientific evidence, statements or studies. The attempts to damage the reputation of 5G technology were increased in 2019. Stories, TV shows, articles, firstly the media supported by Russia, they have started spreading warnings for the 5G effect on people’s health, and diseases such as brain cancer, autism, infertility, Alzheimer, and etc.

At the same time, while this misinformation is spread, the Russian president Vladimir Putin orders launching of the 5G network in Russia on February 2019.

New York Times in an article on May 2019, with the title ‘Your 5G phone, will not hurt you, but Russia wants you to think differently’, discovers how the Russian propaganda works through their television RT, financed by Moscow.

While the world competes which country will be the first one to incorporate 5G technology which will connect cars, factories, and cities, the Russian television in a show named ‘Dangerous experiment on humanity’, spreads lies and alleged hidden consequences from 5G, says New York Times.

While Russian media and those spreading the Russian propaganda about the harmful effects of 5G technologies, Kremlin and Beijing are making a new political 5G block, considers this reputable newspaper.

The attacks have the purpose to slow down the implementation of 5G in the USA, and in the meantime in Russia and China, the process of implementation is accelerated. The first country that will incorporate this technology will be the leader in providing new services to the world.

Recently, Huawei signed a contract with the biggest Russian telecommunication provider MTS for the development of 5G technologies and launching the fifth generation of networks in Russia in the following year. This company has been on the front line in the trading war between the USA and China. And recently, one of the CEOs from the top of the company, the daughter of the founder Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada due to charges by the USA.

What will happen next in this ‘war’?

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