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5G Effects: Different Studies on Negative Effects From 5G Technology

The reactions about the danger of 5G technology to the human’s health throughout the world continues, but it seems like the biggest impact had the petition of over 250 scientists which was sent to the UN and to the World Health Organization, and their concern is focused on the mobile and wireless networks, and antennas, among other devices which emit radio frequencies, and which can cause cancer risks because of the electromagnetic field which is produced by the radio waves.

‘The effects include increased risk of cancer, cell stress, increasing of the harmful free radicals, genetic damaging, structural and functional changes in the reproductive system, difficulties in studying and memorizing things, neurological disorders and negative impact on the overall well-being of people.’

But, scientists say that all of the living beings are endangered in every aspect if they are exposed to electromagnetic fields produced by the devices for smartphones and transmission towers. ‘The damage is not limited only to people, but there is plenty of evidence for harmful effects on the flora and fauna too.’

‘ Because there is a controversy due to setting the standards in order to avoid the harmful health effects, we recommend the Program for Environment of UN to call and finance an independent multidisciplinary Commission to investigate the good and the bad sides of the alternatives for the existing practices which will significantly reduce the human exposure to RF or ELF.’

The debates of this Commission should be transparent and impartial. Although it is essential to include the industry to cooperate in this process, it shouldn’t be allowed to be partial when it comes to processes and conclusions. This group should deliver the analysis to the UN and WHO in order to be used as guidance for the caution measures’, stands in the appeal of the top world scientists.

One of the countries which refused to install 5G technology is Belgium, and the official arguments are published by the Ministry of Environment, which says, ‘we refuse our citizens to be experimental mice.’ And this is one of the most quoted statements when it comes to the dangers form 5G technologies.

And while there are studies which say that 5G is dangerous, part of the scientific world considers that if you do the comparison, the biggest danger hides in the x-ray devices, because they use high frequency, but it drops is you analyze TV antennas, radio stations, base stations of the mobile phones, and the radiation is significantly smaller. Other scientific studies beat the statements of their colleagues and speak about exaggerated fear of the dangers, but the doubts are completely pointed to the huge industries, which are considered paying for these studies in order to cover for the truth.

Which of them is closest to the truth?

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