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Why Do People Worry Over 5G Effects?

The health effects of new technology are still unknown. People mainly worry over 2 aspects of the implementation of 5G technology.

  1. The emission of mm waves which ‘ride’ much higher frequency (from 30 to 300 GHz). The problem is that they cannot pass through concrete obstacles and they are absorbed by the rain and the trees, which means they cannot travel on big distances like the existing 4G technology. Therefore, the existing Internet/mobile infrastructure will be replaced with new additional technology.
  2. Installation of the so-called minicells, base stations, which will need maximum energy in order to function, but it has to be installed on every 300m in order to ‘reject’ the millimeter waves. Those base stations communicate between themselves and provide us with a more efficient transfer of data. In order to build a good and efficient network, this type of cells will be installed in every inhabited place.

It is a fact that all of this will result in increasing of the chronic exposure to non-ionization emission from the electromagnetic fields which will be emitted from wireless sources. In addition, according to the International Agency for Cancer Research, which is part from the World Health Organization of UN, this type of emission is classified as 2B, because it is possible to be cancerous for people (although there are still not enough evidence for cancerous effects on animals or human beings).  

This is an enchanted circle. We have the technology already. This is a matter of who will install the 5G infrastructure first. The country that will control the 5G network will have a strategic lead in any serious conflict. In this geostrategic battle, regulatory standards and the health of the people come second.  There are studies on both sides that cannot be trusted to their full extent because of the lack of evidence on both sides.

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