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Portugal Implement Checks on 5G Suppliers

The government of the Portuguese will adopt a law for 5G Suppliers that requires telecommunication equipment suppliers to prove they are safe.

Hence making the required instruments to implement potential bans on risky 5G suppliers. 

Mariana Vieira da Silva, the Minister of the Presidency, told Expresso that all potential 5G suppliers will be subject to certification and evaluation processes. 

The Government

The minister also said the government is working to apply the EU recommendations for mitigating security risks, through permanent certification, risk assessment of the technology used, and the nature of the assets in which it will be incorporated. 

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Vieira da Silva said it will not be a priority to exclude any supplier.

Her comments follow recent threats from the US that Portugal could face repercussions if it does not take action against Chinese companies like Huawei. 

US ambassador to Portugal George Glass said earlier that Portugal “has to choose between its allies and the Chinese” in an interview with Expresso.

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