5G Effects5G Effects of Humanity

5G Effects: How Can We Know What is True?

Microwaves, radio waves, Wi-Fi, TV, radio stations, cell phones, 3G, 4G, and now 5G…

Most of us are not experts on this type of technology, and cannot decide which side to pick when it comes to the 5G effects on humanity.

There are two opposite sides.

The first one is a group of scientists that created an appeal for the authorities to conduct thorough research when it comes to the 5G effects before launching it globally in 2020. They have some concerns, and the reason for that is that there are studies which show possible cancerogenic radiation, which means that there is a certain percentage risk of cancer, but there are not enough studies to finally confirm it.

Among the first studies on cellphone radiation, mice exposed to them showed cell imbalance which can eventually cause the cancerous cells to be activated. Their main statement is that ‘Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’, which leave us to doubt the advantages of the 5G technology implementation. Some of the scientists also expressed concerns about the number of base stations and broadcasting boxes which are pretty closer to the urban areas where people leave.

CDC, FCC, FDA, and NIH have confirmed that we don’t have enough evidence that cellphones are radioactive, and noted that there haven’t been any significant changes in cancer appearance since the installation of Wireless technology.

Another question appears. How can we know how it will affect us since we haven’t used it yet?

photo: wikimedia.org

There a couple of dozen papers which give some indications for possible cancerogenic effects.

Also, there is no enough evidence that cellphones and this new technology are causing us harm. This groups of scientists, says that 5G cannot penetrate the body and so it can’t get to our internal organs. There is no RF energy that is going to heat the liver or the spleen, or any other internal organ. And, they say that if we have to have concerns, we should least worry about 5G effects.

EPA says that at very high levels, RF energy can be dangerous. But, 5G technology uses low frequencies which cannot pass through solid objects.

Two opposite sides with lack of evidence, which would you believe?

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