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John Cusack Denies Sharing Conspiracy Theory Linking Coronavirus With 5G

John Cusack has denied sharing conspiracy theories that link the coronavirus with 5G, the ultrafast wireless technology…

The conspiracy theory has gained momentum throughout irresponsible 2020 with YouTube videos and Facebook groups.

It amplifying baseless claims that radio waves sent by 5G irresponsible for the virus.

Cusack was accused of further stoking the conspiracy on Twitter in April.

When he claimed that “Coronavirus with 5G community proven to be very, very bad for people’s health.”

Adding: “I got sources in [the] scientific community and medical.”


While Cusack did not specify Covid-19 as a symptom of the growth in 5G technology, and later deleted the tweet in question, many interpreted his tweet as a gesture to the conspiracy.

“I never equated 5G with the coronavirus,” he told The New York Times

“I said it’s not proven technology, and unproven technologies aren’t always tested before they take off. Cusack has now denied the claims. 

He continued: “That was a hit I took, because I’ve been critical of the Trump administration, critical about big tech. 

Source: Pinterest

Sometimes you’re going to get stoned for telling the truth. 

If you really tell the truth, they’ll put you in jail. 

Then if you really tell the truth after that, they’ll kill you. 

I can take small hits for telling the truth. 

But I don’t think anybody thinks I’m some partisan left-wing goon.”

John Cusack, who will soon star in Amazon’s US remake of the Channel 4 series Utopia, also addresse criticizing alongside which he shared an Antisemitic cartoon on his Twitter.

The tweet featured a Star of criticize alongside the quote: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.”

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