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5G Effects on Trees

5G has become really popular in public discussions because of the controversy that there is no enough evidence of those who are pro 5G installation, and of those against it. Neither of the parties has presented specific evidence or a study that will finally eliminate all of the doubts about the installation of the fifth generation of mobile Internet.

You have probably read by now, that 5G technology uses frequency from 30 GHz to 300 GHz, which is pretty high. These frequencies are not able to travel a long distance. And these frequencies cannot pass through solid objects. So, what does this mean for the trees that produce the oxygen which is necessary for our survival?

Trees are solid objects, and they are present in every urban area. The 5G transmitters should be installed on every 3 meters near the households and trees are there too. Until now, the cities that have implemented 5G technology first have already cut a huge number of trees to make some room for the 5G transmitters. How many trees will be cut until the full implementation in 2020? Will we be able to breathe and surf on fast mobile Internet?

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And besides cutting them, the installation of 5G technology will mean that trees like the other parts of the biodiversity of the planet will be affected by the electromagnetic waves these transmitters emit. And there are a lot of studies which point to the effects of 5G technology on birds, insects, and plant life. 5G EMF basically acts as a radar jammer.

If trees are truly affected by this EMF, then besides being cut down for 5G installations, they will be extinct with all of those transmitters in every 3 meters. Do we truly need to trade oxygen for super-fast Internet? Isn’t there another alternative which will allow us to have the progress of technology, and keep what we have left on the planet from the biodiversity?

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