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5G Technology Abroad: USA Point of View

There are plenty of points of view when it comes to 5G technology. Some would say it is good for the progress of humanity, and some would say that it is a matter of control between different countries in the world.

This time we will present the USA point of view.

USA concerns

The specter that 5G technology uses is similar to the one that is used by the information sources for weather forecasts, the observation systems for different conditions on Earth, national security, and etc.

A group of scientists is warning that there is a possibility for interfering of the frequencies and losing the effective control which can affect the public security. First who expressed these concerns was the Department of Commerce from the State Department. National secretary for commerce, Wilber Ross, recently stated that with the implementation of the 5G technology ‘everything will be connected to everything’, i.e. it is developed so-called ‘Internet of Things’ warning about the danger for the national security, if the Chinese gigantic company Huawei is allowed to install 5G infrastructure in the USA.

The USA and her ally countries

The USA also asked from their ally countries to prohibit the usage of the Huawei equipment in their 5G networks, with the warning that Beijing can misuse this infrastructure when it comes to sensitive data for spying. This prohibition, according to the analytics, will slow down the implementation of 5G technology in the USA, even though a few cities are already part of those which have implemented 5G technology. While Russia with information propaganda placed in the countries from the Western world slows down the implementation of 5G technologies, Washington prohibited Huawei when it comes to any connection of 5G technology in the USA and has threatened that it will not allow Huawei to use American software and other components necessary for this telecommunication business.

Huawei and the Chinese government

According to Share America, Chinese telecommunication providers are obliged according to the law to serve the interests of the Chinese government and its intelligence services. If Huawei or any other Chinese provider built the basic 5G infrastructure in one country, the Chinese government would have the possibility to have control over that network.

Robert Stayer, a cyber-diplomat in the American State Department has stated: ‘There is no difference between the private companies and the Chinese government. The Chinese government can force these companies to act… they are completely controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

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