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Is 5G Harmful For Humanity? A Different View…

This view is a bit different than the most common when it comes to 5G technology effects, and we wanted to present it to you, and you can decide if you will believe it. It sounds pretty logical, but in lack of evidence, anything is possible.

Some would say that 5G is an experiment on humanity, and others would say that it is a weapon against humanity. People are worried and therefore many conspiracy theories have appeared. Among the people who have talked about this, and claim something different than the giant companies are David Icke, a conspiracy theorist, and former footballer.

His first thought is that the military uses the same millimeter waves as 5G technology for scattering crowds. Even though they use much more intense waves, those are the same frequencies as 5G will use, and people scatter because they feel like their skin is on fire.

The human body is an antenna! Our body interacts with frequencies and receives and transmits information. And he states that scientists know that our DNA is receiver-transmitter of information.

Mark Steele is a weapon system head of display expert and claims that implementation of 5G technology is worse than the holocaust. And when he speaks he doesn’t ask the audience to believe him without any doubts, but to research every word he says.

Science shows that the wireless radiation we are exposed to can damage our DNA, and this refers to today’s technology, 4G. Also, some of the scientists say that this radiation leads to cardiomyopathy, which is the precursor of heart failure.

Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

Let’s get back to David Icke. He says that human beings are electromagnetic electrical organisms, and when our electromagnetic fields are in harmony, we are healthy. These technically generated frequencies are scrambling the balance of the human electromagnetic electrical communication systems. And if you scramble them you are creating a state of disharmony which will lead eventually to disease.

And there is another point, the brain processes information electrically. He claims that you can change people’s perception externally by broadcasting the frequencies the brain will decode and accept as new perception.

Ever emotional response is a frequency. Can they control them by broadcasting frequencies which will change us completely?

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