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Where Do The Concerns About 5G Technology Effects Come From?

There will be 5G antennas on every vehicle, the sensors in the smart cities will be installed on the street lights, and they will have to be installed in the households too because the mm waves cannot pass through walls. But, these aren’t the places that will emit radioactive rays. The biggest part of the radiation like so far with 3G and 4G will come from the smartphones. Antennas and sensors will produce less radiation in comparison with the phones.

This discussion is ongoing, there are documents and research which are sent to the European institutions, but there is no official report which will confirm the allegation of both sides. And this uncertainty is the perfect base for propaganda.  

Local Russian propaganda

The titles like ‘If 5G kills birds, it will kill people too’, ‘The installation of 5G killed over 250 birds in Netherlands’, and similar non-sense appear on the well-known media throughout the world, and they are shared on social networks too, again among groups of people who admire the conspiracy theories and Russian propaganda.

Research journalists have done some research about global statements and confirmed that:

  • 5G doesn’t kill birds
  • No bird suffered from 5G in the Netherlands
  • 5G test was executed in a park in the Netherlands and has nothing to do with the massive death of the birds
  • These articles are created by the fanatic John Kuhles who has several anti-5G web sites and sites with conspiracy theories
  • That is the same man who claimed that the fires in California who took casualties were caused directly by the strong energy weapon which is a revenge of the World Elites to the country that prohibited 5G technology

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