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The 4G And 5G Connections of UK Gets Better

The 700MHz spectrum band has been cleared as part of the UK’s 5G connections development, the government has said.

The spectrum is the airwaves through which mobile phones, televisions, and other devices communicate.

Various technologies and channels are provided specific frequencies.

To ensure they work properly and can communicate, but there is a finite amount of space.

By freeing up this part of the spectrum, the mobile operators can use 700MHz band for 5G connections. 

Over 1000+ television transmitter sites were operated on, as 800+ workers cleared the spectrum.

It is taking a total of two million hours to achieve the task.

A new temporary mast, taller than Shard of London, was built alongside the Emley Moor Tower in Yorkshire.

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This procedure took four years, and cost £350 million.

But will increase the capacity in the existing 4G networks in rural areas.

TV broadcast

In the past, the band had been used for digital terrestrial TV broadcast such as Freeview.

As well as professional radio microphones used in theatres, music studios, and outdoor events.

The government says that 20 million homes have had their TVs re-tuned to permit them to continue to work on lower frequencies.

The total amount of radio spectrum available for mobile services has increased by 18% following this move.

In a statement, Matt Warman, the Digital Infrastructure Minister said that the competition of the project is “a quiet revolution in the airwaves”.

Parts of the spectrum will still have to be auctioned, said Philip Marnick, the Ofcom’s Spectrum Group Director in a statement.

But they will bring “better mobile and innovative new services”

Ofcom, will be releasing 80MHz of these airwaves for mobile companies.

To use at an auction expected to take place in January 2021.

It will also impose a 37% cap on the overall spectrum that any one mobile company can hold following the auction

To ensure one company cannot achieve an unfair advantage.

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