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What Is Fixed Wireless 5G? All You Need To Know

If 2019 was a coming out party for fixed wireless 5G networks, 2020 is the year you or someone you know signs up for the tech. 

The superfast new network is about to make a huge impact in the way we experience wireless connectivity. 

While often talked about in reference to mobile devices, 5G extends beyond that. 

It will apply to your everyday home internet connection, too through something called fixed wireless. You’ll be hearing a lot about it in the coming year.

Fixed wireless 5G promises far faster speeds for mobile phones, and reduces the latency or delay inherent in most networks. 

That means communication will be instantaneous, VR will be as smooth as butter, and all sorts of crazy new concepts will be made possible. 

And with fixed wireless, all that technology comes right into your home. And you can get it today.

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What is fixed wireless 5G?

So how does fixed wireless differ from traditional wireless internet? 

Well, for starters, in more traditional internet setups, a cable goes all the way to a house. 

The homeowner buys a router they can hook up, plugs it in, and updates as they wish.

With fixed wireless, there are no cables required. 

Instead, a “fixed” antenna is installed on the house, similar to how a satellite dish might be installed. 

This antenna then creates a wireless connection with a nearby wireless tower, which can connect to many antennas at the same time.

When the fixed antenna receives the signal, it can send the connection down a short cable and into the house, where it can link up to a router or other device as needed. 

Inside the house, once 5G devices are out in the world, you may not notice anything is different at all.

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