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5G Radiation Myths

There are many discussions on this subject, and there are many different opinions on the danger of 5G radiation. Also, there are myths that are confusing people, and influence their opinion of the 5G technology in the wrong way.

Some people are commenting that because 5G technology does not travel as far, and will get interference of solid objects like buildings and trees, it will not increase our exposure or be unhealthier for us.

When it comes to this, we should explain something that we have mentioned earlier in the previous articles. The fact that this technology doesn’t travel fast should be a starting point for shaping your opinion on this. If the RF doesn’t travel far, many mini cells will have to be installed so you will be able to use the Internet. So, those cells will be all around you, and close to you, even in your home.

So the answer to this myths is no, the logic says shorter RF distance means greater radiation.

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Just because something like wall blocks is enough to interfere with 5G emissions, it doesn’t mean that some of the radiation is still not penetrating the structure. This technology uses higher frequencies and that is potentially more harmful than those of earlier lower frequency technologies. The studies are coming out one after another and they are already indicating that the frequencies used in 5G will magnify the dangers from earlier generations.

Also, as we have mentioned in the previous articles, many scientists are signing appeals against this technology in order to stimulate thorough research about the effects. You can read more about the scientific studies and appeals on this site.

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