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Who Will Be Responsible For 5G Harmful Health Effects, if There Are Any?

We are already aware of the reactions of certain groups of people about the fast implementation of the 5G technology t6hroughout the world, but we believe that you haven’t thought of who will be held responsible if this technology brings severe damage to humans’ health and the environment too? Have you thought of that? There is no scientific proof about the safety of this technology, and the countries are pushing the implementation so hard. Why?

We will talk about Australian concerns on 5G technology.

Mercy Wolf is an anti-5G campaigner, and she expresses her concerns constantly. Her views are not supported by the mainstream science and they are constantly rebutted by local institutions like the Australian Radiation Protection, and Nuclear Safety Agency.

She is part of a small local anti-5G movement which is becoming a headache for Telstra and Optus as they move to roll out their new networks. This small movement is considered the same as anti-vaxxers of the telecommunication world. Wolf is an administrator of a Facebook group for like-minded people when it comes to the dangers of the 5G technology effects. This is a movement consisted of ordinary people especially mothers who are concerned about the consequences of the 5G technology implementation.

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She links the 5G cell towers to possible side effects such as depression, anxiety, and DNA damage. And these people think that this will be a full surveillance system.

Also, there is a scientific group predicting that if 5G is rolled out everyone will be infertile within five generations.

Who will be responsible if this happens?

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