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5G in the UK: Rural Areas Will Experience Business Growth

David Cunningham is the program director of the Long Live the Local’s, and he is thrilled with the announcement of the 5G technology implementation because he explains that if the Government continues the commitment to 5G, it can have a positive effect on the pubs.

David explains that many pubs under the financial pressure will see the light of the day when 5G will be implemented in rural areas. People nowadays need super-fast Internet everywhere they go because of the flexibility in the job place and the type of job. And some of the pubs already started to invite the guests to have a calm working day while they enjoy some food and drinks.

There are many rural locations that have the pubs but they are only places for communal gathering, and nothing more. So, if they adapt the space to people’s needs, the pubs will have more chances to survive.

The rollout of 5G technology can turn these places into the best working environment, the best way to socialize and have fun on the Internet while having the local meals and drinks, with Wi-Fi which is fast and reliable.

Photo: flickr.com

This initiative is also supported by the media industry analyst Paolo Pescatore, who says that the implementation of 5G technologies is great news for the local communities, households and business alike that have been deprived of fast and reliable connections for years.

Shouldn’t we all benefit from better connectivity inside pubs and in the gardens in these local communities?

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