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The First 5G Hotel in The World Opened by OPPO

The smartphone producer OPPO turned a trailer into a futuristic mobile hotel and promoted this trailer in Australia like the first world hotel with 5G network, as Anadolu Agency (AA) explains.

The OPPO announcement points out that the company, with a surprising initiative for the technology lovers and travelers to Australia, promoted the first world hotel with 5G network.

The mobile hotel built with smartphone ‘Reno 5G’ of OPPO and the possibilities of 5G network, welcomed the first guests in the Home of Art in the city Gold Coast in Australia.

The 5G hotel in Australia, traveling on the locations which support 5G technologies, provides the technology and traveling lovers to meet different experiences.

Smart mirror increased reality, and many applications are only part of what this 5g hotel is offering.

This 5G hotel has one luxurious bedroom and can be reserved for 150 dollars for one night for 2 persons during August. The outer part of the elegant hotel is black matte color, and inside the applications work on minimal touch.

The first world 5G hotel features

The smart mirror offers a lot more than what guests can expect from a mirror. With this feature, guests can watch the latest news, follow the latest events on the stock, read newspapers, watch movies or do selfies from the mirror.

With the game package, guests can experience a high-quality gaming computer. Guests, besides the games that they can play on a computer, with the smartphone ‘Reno 5G’ have access to the gaming library.’

OPPO 5G hotel activities

‘Guests, using the function for giving sound orders can turn on the lights in the hotel, listen to their favorite songs on YouTube, or search on Google. When it comes to the experience with increased reality, guests with the application on the smartphone can enter a wardrobe and try on outfit combinations. Also, guests can watch their favorite TV shows and movies with the speed of 5G network. Watching one of the most emotional TV shows on Netflix on widescreen along with a coffee is one of the activities that this hotel offers.’

Would you wanted this hotel to be near you?

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