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5G Technology: The Advantages

The features of the latest generation of mobile communication 5G show that this technology contains higher frequencies and data transfer, which is an extra benefit for the users. 5G is a technology provides humanity with a transfer of data with serious speed, if compared with the older performances which today mobile phones have.

This fifth generation of technology is expected to be implemented in 2020, and has the following features:

  • Networks which will function constantly and will be installed everywhere. This means that the users at the same time can be connected to several wireless approachable technologies, and with no interruption to move in the area where these devices are, without fearing that there will be a blockade, interference, walls, and holes which will lead to disconnection.
  • Wireless network connection and dynamic ad hoc network connection, which means that you can connect with other users who are near you and provide ad hoc wireless networks, and the factor time is pretty important. This is a much faster transfer of data.
  • Smart antenna, which means that when they are used, there is a possibility to change the direction of the bundle and allow several direct connections to happen, then limit the interference and increase the overall capacity of the cell.
  • Group cooperative re-direction is a technique with which the great speeds of data transfer will be provided in the wide space of the cell. At the moment, the speeds of the data fall to the edges of the cell, where the level of interference is bigger, and the signal level is lower.
  • If 5G mobile system of the fifth generation uses cognitive radio technology, then the users’ equipment can search for a radio specter on that location and choose an optimal network for radio connection, then modulate the scheme and other parameters for configuration in order to obtain the best connection and optimal performances.
  • The shorter mm waves which are used in 5G cannot travel on big distances or pass through objects, and therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the network with antennas set on an average distance of 150 meters, placed next to the traffic signs, street lights, mailboxes in order to provide a stable connection for the users.

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