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Are You Aware of the Real Dangers from 5G Mobile Technology?

The agenda for 5G technology is made for total control. We already know that companies and providers are preparing for the upcoming rollout of this new cellular technology in 2020, and it is said that it can be used anywhere, anytime, in an unlimited manner.

Human beings are polluting the planet enough through the neglecting of the importance of the planet’s resources. We already have air pollution, water, and land pollution.

There is one thing we take for granted, and that would be the accumulation of artificial electromagnetic fields, that sometimes reach the threshold of an electrosmog.  

Do you ask yourselves sometimes whether we play Russian roulette every time we use the phone?

One US Attorney used his phone with his left hand and held it on his left ear while talking and the left pocket, which resulted in glioblastoma on the left side of his head, and also developed a tumor in his left hand. Who knows, non-native EMR may have been the triggering factor.

Every cell in our body has its own electromagnetic properties. We are all electromagnetic beings, and nothing would function in our body without those electromagnetic fields. Microwaves disrupt this field.

It seems like everyone in the world who would benefit from the 5G implementation pushes hard to get to that point without even questioning the safety of 5G cellular technologies.

And we are completely aware that the multi-trillion telecommunication industries will never state that EMR is harmful.

Photo: dod.defense.gov

And there are no health and safety standards when it comes to a regulated money-driven market.

Prolonged exposure to the cell phones and the infrastructure of this new generation of technology, may cause cell disorder, and when your body cells are not in harmony, what then?

Wait for the outcome, maybe some of the groups that oppose 5G implementation will manage to urge new studies on safety.

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