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Is 5G a Modern Technology Revolution?

The CEO of Huawei, the giant Chinese information and communications technology company said that he would gladly sell all of his company’s 5G technology to any Western company that may wish to buy it.

The US government has banned all of the American companies including Google from dealing with Huawei. This happened due to concerns that the Chinese government will use Huawei to plant molls on mobile devices and track sensitive information on the US government. 5G mobile networks have started to deploy in parts of many cities, and they can connect to any device and at high speed. The concerns are because of the power of this new generation of mobile networks which provide us with ultra-fast data transfer, and US government says if Huawei can connect to networks of universities, ministries, companies, and etc., it may use that information for the benefits of the Chinese government, or at least to beat the commercial and technological competitors.

It is short-ranged and uses high frequencies. There should be many antennas on a small piece of land, and another technological development is known as MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) allows these antennas to simultaneously communicate with tens of devices.

5G technology requires antennas installed in short-range, but the antennas are small and easy to hide. The benefits that this technology will bring are remote control machines and instruments from afar, even from another city, or country, via the Internet.

Photo: altus.af.mil

Aside from the security issue regarding Huawei, there are health hazards that some people have been raising. Doubters sat that high exposure can occur for those who live near powerful antennas. They claim that because of one study which showed that male rats develop cancer when exposed to these waves. And that is one experiment, executed with laboratory rats, and the rats were exposed to 4 times more intense than those permitted in our environment. They are asking to adopt and apply the principle of precaution.

But, we will wait for this for a few years, as the 5G network implementation is a long process of changing the face of the already known Internet.  

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