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5G Will Bring Smarter Self-Driving Cars to Humanity

We already know that self-driving exist, and they are only available to some people, but with the implementation of 5G technology in 2020, there is a chance we will all get smarter self-driving cars and safer community.

There is a 2-year-old technology called C-V2X which could arrive with 5G in 2022. The already existing self-driving cars can see and think by themselves, but this new generation of technology will make them even smarter. 5G will bring smart cars communicating with each other. C-V2X technology will allow smart cars to communicate wirelessly with each other, with the traffic lights, and with other roadside gear. It is absolutely incredible because these cars will be able to negotiate turns at stop signs or merging into lanes, and that will significantly increase the safety level on the roads throughout the world.

If your car communicates with the traffic lights, it will be able to synchronize a trip with green lights. Also, these vehicles will communicate when they want to squeeze more cars on the road and improve fuel economy. The final decisions will be made by a computer which has all of the necessary information for such decision, and not handed to the driver like so far.

Photo: en.wikipedia.org

“C-V2X will unlock the full potential of self-driving technology by adding an additional sense,” said Maxime Flament, chief technology officer of the 5G Automotive Association.

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