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Verizon Unveiled To Offer Own Version Of 5G Pixel 4a Smartphone

Verizon has unveiled it will carry its own version of the Google 5G Pixel 4a smartphone which works on the Verizon ‘Ultra Wideband’ 5G mmWave network. 

The price of the phone will cost an extra $100, at $600. 

Verizon Plans

Verizon finally confirmed plans to bring the Google Pixel 5 and Google Pixel 4a smartphone 5G UW to the network with 5G built right. 

These new phones offer the helpfulness of Google with a simple voice command, or at the press of a button, offering plenty to love about the new connection. 

Also, Verizon will carry the Pixel 5, for which pre-orders have started. 

It is available for $29.16 a month on a 24-month contract, for a total retail price of $700. 

General availability begins on 29 October. 

The Google Pixel 4a smartphone 5G UW will be available to pre-order from 29 October ahead of its expected arrival on 19 November in shops. 

It costs $24.99 a month for 24 months (USD 600 retail) when brought from Verizon Device payment and can also be ordered for home delivery or in-store pickup from the My Verizon app.

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The operator is offering up to $550 off the Google Pixel 5 with trade-in and a new line with a Play More, Do More or Get More Unlimited plan. 

Consumers who port a number to a new line in one of those plans can get a $250 Verizon eGift Card, and existing consumers can get up to $350 off the phone with a trade-in of an eligible device. 

AT&T said Verizon will also carry both the Google phones. They will work on its 5G network, including the 5G+ coverage on the Pixel 5. 

This is one of many examples of how Artificial Intelligence and innovative hardware work together to improve the overall experience over time. 

The Pixel 4a 5G UW also receives 3 years of system updates that provides exciting new features and security updates.

It will help in keeping devices running smoothly and secure for customers and businesses.

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