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The Vodafone Launches 5G In Prague Metro

We know for a few weeks now that Vodafone announced to start a 5G network on October 1.

Vodafone announced on its official website that it will soon implement a 5G network mobile test in the cities of Usti nad Labem, Prague, Brno, Karlovy Vary, and Jesenik.

The big surprise is that the 5G network will also be available in the Prague metro.

At this time, 5G includes the whole section from Dejvická to Museum on the green line, and from Smíchovské nádraží to Českomoravská on the yellow line.

According to the statement, the telecom operator plans to set the availability of networks in additional stations by the end of the year.

Theoretically, 5G download speeds, which can reach up to 1 Gbps.

It means seamless streaming of high-definition content like 4K video.

The operator will use Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) for the purpose.

 Dynamic sharing of frequencies between 4G and 5G networks according to the current needs of users.

The new network not only carries a more flexible, faster, and more reliable connection to the Internet.

But will also enable the implementation of technical solutions that have not been possible before.

Whether it is the development of smart cities, telemedicine, factories, robotics, self-driving cars, and distance learning.

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5G from O2

O2 has also been offering 5G internet in some selected Czech cities since July. 

Customers with a compatible 5G phone should see a 20% boost in download speeds on top of what its LTE network delivers.

Only cell phones with 5G networking capabilities, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, will be able to take advantage of the new networking speeds. 

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