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Installation of 5G infrastructure, But Under a Few Conditions

The western world increased the alarms after the information that China is actually deeply involved into 5G technology and its implementation will allow the government of China to completely control the rest of the world, through monitoring, eavesdropping, and following of the USA and their allies., the accusations for spy activities were met by the fully imposed blockade of the entrance of Huawei in the USA.

The European Committee a few months ago recommended measures ‘in order to secure the high level of cyber-security of 5G networks throughout Europe, and the recommendations are a combination of legislative and policy instruments in order to protect the economy, social and democratic systems. With the revenues from 5G technology which are estimated around 225 billion of euros in 2025, 5G is essential way for Europe to compete for the global market and its cybersecurity is essential for providing strategic autonomy of the Union.’

In addition, Germany has already announced that will take additional complete controls, tests, and checks of the 5G technology, with which it will strengthen its security. Australia prohibited Chinese sellers to provide equipment for 5G networks, mentioning the laws on intelligence, while Japan stated the concern for the security and convinced the operators to exclude Huawei equipment in their 5G networks.

The reactions will continue, and everything will change several times when it comes to this technology because the moment of full implementation throughout the world hasn’t arrived yet. Continue following the updates on 5G technology.

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