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Can 5G Transform a Business?

Consumers are actually over-excited about the upcoming 5G implementation, because of the faster broadband speeds and mobile Internet connections, low network latency and power consumption too.

The first thing you need to know is that 5G technology is 20 times faster than 4G, and everything from instant high-definition movie streaming to cloud gaming will be seconds away once this cellular technology is implemented. All of the businesses can unlock increased value from IoT applications, artificial intelligence, and advanced robotics.

When it comes to businesses in the ASEAN, a consultancy firm had a report which stated that this increased value will be worth 147 billion US dollars by 2025.

With 10 times less latency than the previous generation of cellular technology, machines will be able to communicate with each other due to 5G implementation. And there will be increased use of IoT in manufacturing processes that could boost the industry’s income by as much as 59 billion US dollars.  

Indonesia is expected to be the leader in this area, followed by Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. And the operators will actually invest around 10 billion US dollars on 5G regional infrastructure by 2025 in order to deliver this value.

The essential thing in the implementation of 5G technology is that infrastructure such as antennas, base stations, and fiber-optic cables need to be in place before 5G can be widely adopted. This means that this type of technology requires a serious commitment of the governments in order to be in pace with the modern world.

Photo: afmc.af.mil

The rural areas may not be all covered at the beginning, but as these cell towers are getting installed around the world, in time, they will be placed in these areas too. So the pubs and the local business can grow their income.

And to identify the best way forward, regulators will need to create a roadmap for spectrum availability sooner rather than later.

We will wait for the outcome, right?

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