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US Experts Admit China’s 5G Dominance

Security experts in the USA are conceding that China has actually won the race to develop the 5G infrastructure and warn that the country and its allies must develop a response, as soon as possible.

The former US Secretary of Homeland Security has stated that the challenge they have in the development of the 5G network, at least in the early stage is the dominance of the Huawei firm.

500 million dollars were allocated for the purpose of development of end-to-end encryption software and other technologies through the latest budget for the US Department of Defense, but these experts claim that this amount of money is not enough, and it is too late to start the development now, when Huawei has already developed more than 2500 infrastructure sets.

This is a problem posed by China dominance in developing the 5G infrastructure cut across public and private sector security concerns. They range from intellectual property theft to theft of state secrets and it can change the ways the US leads the communication and shares the information when it comes to critical intelligence.

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We have already spoken about the contract that Huawei offered to India in order to cut the security concerns and move to implementation of the infrastructure. The contract was about not using any inside information for wrong purposes due to the concerns that Chinese operators are under the jurisdiction of the Chinese government and it can be a real problem in the security matter.

Will China and Huawei offer that type of a contract in the end?

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