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Are 5G Cell Towers More Dangerous Than The Existing Ones?

Have you read the facts about the 5G cell towers so far?

What have you concluded?

We will give you some more information, so you can have a complete picture of the impact of these towers on the environment and human beings.

5G cell towers, like the other towers, will emit RF (radio frequencies), and they are dangerous because of 2 main reasons. First, 5G cell towers will use ultra-high frequencies and they will have ultra-high intensity. The second one is that the technology will require these towers to be installed in every 2 to 8 houses anywhere in the world. And it is known that the higher the frequency the more dangerous is to living beings.

Yes, we will have faster data transfer, but we will be more exposed to these emissions.

Minicell towers in your home

Are you aware that you already have these mini cell towers in your home, and at the office? Yes, and they are called Wi-Fi routers. They also emit RF that is dangerous for your health, and they are all around us. Probably most of us didn’t ever think that something so useful can be pretty dangerous in long terms. Previous types of routers have used 5GhZ and 2.45 GHz, and the new 5G Wi-Fi routers will work on 60GhZ, 5Ghz, and 2.45 GHz. And this proves that it is like you already have the mini cell tower in your home.

Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

And there is something you can do at least to protect yourself from the mini cell towers in your homes and offices. You can always look for a Wi-Fi router guard, and you will block 90 or 95% of the harmful RF. And you will still be able to use the router.

Our tip is to always inform yourself about the objects you are bringing into your home, and do something about preventing the RF in your home, where your family is most of the time.

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