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5G Effect on Weather Forecasts

The USA has started the auction of wireless radio frequencies to be used for the fifth generation of a mobile network. Some of these frequencies are close to those of the satellites which help in weather forecasts and crucial Earth observations. Meteorologists are worried that the 5G frequencies will interfere with their data collection.

Earth-observing satellites will not be able to detect concentrations of water vapor in the atmosphere correctly if the regulator and the operators don’t come up with measures which will reduce the risk of interference. Meteorologists rely on those data to create the weather forecasts, and without any information, they are likely to suffer.

NOAA and NASA asked FCC to work with them in the process of protection of the frequencies used for Earth observations from interference when 5G technology will be installed. But, FCC has already auctioned with minimal protection. The sale ended on 17th April, and the amount was nearly 2 billion dollars.

Regulators from around the world will gather on 28 October in Egypt to present the international agreements, for which frequency companies will be able to use for 5G transmissions and to set the level of interference with Earth observation frequencies which is acceptable.

The struggle of meteorologists and other scientists is constant, they even sometimes shift in other frequencies in order to avoid any interference, and with 5G there is a threat which cannot be avoided if implemented.

Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

Satellites monitor energy radiation from Earth at 23.8 gigahertz to assess the humidity in the atmosphere, and the measurements can be taken during day or night, even if clouds are present. Then they use those frequencies into models to predict how the storm and other weather systems will develop in the upcoming days.

And 5G transmitters can emit similar frequency to this and look like water vapor. Forecasts would become less accurate if scientists incorporated those bad data in their models.

There is relatively little research on the exact outcome from 5G interference, but the more we lose, the greater the impact will be.

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