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Xiaomi Announce First 8K TV with 5G Support

The most popular brand from China – Xiaomi has unwinded the most awaited secret of launching 8K TV which supports the feature of 5G.

The details of its first 8K resolution TV with the connectivity of 5G has astonished all over the world. 

The Mi TV Lux Pro 82-inch TV is featured as a groundbreaking device which can result in fully 8K quality images.

Regardless of the input procedure, thanks to 5G support as well as HDMI 2.1 USB 3.0, and ethernet ports. 

Also, it has mini LED backlight technology, MEMC motion compensation, mini LED backlight, which provides 2000 units of peak brightness and a contrast ratio as high as 400000:1.

Also, it has in-box NFC remote control which allows users to cast video from their smartphones, by touching it with their handset, as per the company.

Mi TV Lux 

Also, Xiaomi unveils a Mi TV Lux 82 4K model with a 4K Mini LED 960 which has a backlight display. 

It also consists of Quantum dot technology with 5G support, a 178-degree viewing angle, 1000 nits peak brightness and 1400000:1 contrast ratio. 

These both models feature the MIUI for TV system which can make the Television set into a central hub for all Xiaomi AIoT devices. 

Thanks to the built-in XiaoAi AI assistant 3.0, 5G technology and far-field voice control which helps in making this great electrical equipment. 

The variant of Mi TV LUX 82-inch 4K already available in China for CNY 9,999.

While the 8K model with 5G connectivity will be available from Xiaomi’s official channels and authorized resellers in mainland China, starting on 21 October at an RRP of CNY 49,999.,

As of now, this is all the information has been provided by Xiaomi and more can be expected in the coming days leading up to the launch next week. 

The Chinese company states this 5G supportable TV will set a benchmark for all ultra-high-end televisions for the next five years.

This suggests that it will feature high end specifications, possibly a higher refresh rate than 60Hz, HDMI 2.1 ports, slim bezels, and more.

Equipments which supports the technology of 5G which has a great impact on today’s world.

It leads to greater revolution and great speed connectivity that makes people superior to connect with each other in less time.

It also enhances the way of growth in the field of technology and communications. 

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