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What Can 5G Network Do?

As we all know that 5G Network has a great impact in today’s generation. It provides great facility to all telecommunication as well as other sectors also. 

Below are the things which 5G technology can do in comparison to other traditional technologies. 

Improve broadband

Undoubtedly, the use of 5G will change the way we use the technology on a day-to-day basis, but it’s also an ultimate necessity if we want to continue using mobile broadband.

Carriers are running out of the capacity of LTE  in many major metropolitan areas. 

In some cities, users are already experiencing slowdowns and congestions in busy times of the day. 

5G provides the huge amounts of spectrum in bands which haven’t been used for commercial broadband traffic.

Autonomous vehicles

As expected to view autonomous vehicles rise at the same rate in which 5G is deployed across the U.S. 

In the future, the vehicle will communicate with other vehicles on the road, and offer information to other vehicles about road conditions, and provide performance information to automakers and drivers. 

If a vehicle brakes quickly up ahead, you will get information about it immediately and preemptively brake as well, preventing a collision. 

Such kind of vehicle-to-vehicle communication could ultimately save thousands of lives.

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Public safety and infrastructure

5G will permit municipalities and other cities to operate more efficiently. 

Utility companies will be able to track usage remotely with ease.

Sensors can notify public works departments when drains flood or street lights go out, and cities municipalities will be able to inexpensively and quickly install surveillance cameras.

Remote device control

Since 5G has remarkably low latency, it will become reality to remotely control heavy machinery.

While the main aim is to decrease risk in hazardous environments. 

It will also permit technicians with specialized skills to control machinery from anywhere in the world.

Health care

The ultra-reliable low latency communications (URLLC) component of 5G might fundamentally change the health care sector. 

Since URLLC decreases 5G latency even further than what you will see with enhanced mobile broadband, a world of new possibilities opens up. 

We are also expecting to see improvements in telemedicine, physical therapy, and remote recovery via AR, precision surgery, and even remote surgery in the coming years.

Remember massive Machine-Type Communications? mMTC will also play a key role in health care. 

Hospitals can create massive sensor networks to monitor patients, physicians can prescribe smart pills to track compliance, and insurers can even monitor subscribers to determine appropriate treatments and processes.

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